Rapper Drake Spews million in Roulette Disaster

Rapper Drake Spews $28million in Roulette Disaster

16 Jul

Canadian rapper Drake turned $8.5million into almost $30million this week before losing the lot in a Twitch-streamed Roulette session, some $17million disappearing in just 10 minutes of madness…

The 4-time Grammy award-winner has become notorious for his massive online gambling bets, kicking off the Monday evening fun with his new partners Stake.com by running up his $8.5million stake.

The 35-year-old rap legend and business mogul raked in twin monster pots of $12.96m and $11.95m and dragged fellow rapper, French Montana, into the celebrations.

“You know what that deserves? And I got my special guest in the building. Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen. I’m here with my brother, my twin, my lookalike, Montega,” said the superstar known as Champagne Papi.

The corks may have been popping early on for the founder of the record label OVO Sound, but it only took 10 minutes for Drake, under the pseudonym “Deep Pockets” to lose back $17million.

He did manage to give away $1million to TwitchTV fans as far afield as Canada, Brazil and the UK, dishing out $25k prizes and personal video calls to congratulate the lucky winners.

That was the high point of the session, though, Drake ending with a meagre $1,879 in his account, but Stake.com promising the rapper would return for another go at the tables.

This was far from his first expensive highstakes romp on Stake.com, the music mogul losing a monster $20million back in May playing $500,000 spins on the roulette wheel.

A single $17.9million win with his lucky number 11 saw Drake again hand over $1million, with 2.6 Bitcoin gifts worth an estimated $75k each for a number of his fans.

His betting goes way beyond the online roulette tables, however, with a number of high-stakes, high-profile sporting bets making the headlines.

A $275,000 losing bet on Jorge Masvidal, who lost to Colby Covington in UFC 272, and several other losing bets had seen the term “Drake’s Curse” coined in sportsbetting circles.

However, he broke that bad run with a $1.2million bet on the Super Bowl by backing the LA Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Rams winning out 23-20 and making Drake $300k.

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