Real Dealer Studios Locks Cinematic Experience with Vinnie Jones

Real Dealer Studios is upping the ante with the addition of Vinnie Jones, a professional soccer player, and actor in some of Guy Richie’s most iconic movies. Jones, who has played in Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels among other great flicks, will be joining the studio as one of its pre-recorded live dealer table hosts in a first and ambitious move for Real Dealer Studios.

Jones Makes for Unmatched Live Gaming Experience  

Now, the celebrity will be featured as part of the Real Dealer’s Roulette and Blackjack experiences. Jones brings a lot of charisma and signature demeanor to the tables that will make those who enjoy live games even more excited about hitting the digital tables.

Jones is already good to go and he should start filming over the next weeks, bringing players closer to one of the coolest actors cinephiles have seen on the big screen. Real Dealer Studios accompanied the news with an enthusiastic press release:

“It’s lights, camera, action for the team at Real Dealer Studios as they embark on their most exciting endeavor yet, joining forces with the prolific Vinnie Jones.”

Real Dealer Studios

The company will make the Jones-featured games available to its Games Global platform over the next months, making the experience available worldwide. Just like an interactive movie, Real Dealer Studios’ products are different than the traditional concept of a live casino.

Real Dealer Studios uses RNG-based games while adding a smidgeon of moviemaking magic to create engaging experiences where every participant may have a one-on-one gaming session with their favorite actor or personality.

So far, the company has tested its concept with traditional dealers but is now moving into its coveted territory – signing up actual actors to create even more engaging personalized experiences.

Elevating the Live Dealer Casino to Cinematic Level

Real Dealer Studios was stoked to welcome Jones as one of its latest personalities for the platform, with company CPO Shane Cotter adding:

“This is a very exciting time for Real Dealer Studios and we are positively delighted to welcome Vinnie Jones to our production studio.”

Real Dealer Studios CPO Shane Cotter

The partnership is set to introduce players to a cinema-style experience that will create a new level of immersion and quality production, Shane said. In many ways, Real Dealer Studios is creating an experience that is very much unmatched in the online casino sector and is one of the biggest innovations in the space.

Real Dealer Studios has already created unique titles such as Fortune Finder, Baccarat, European Roulette, and so much more. In January, Real Dealer Studios signed a partnership with William Hill, bringing its first five popular titles on the gaming group’s website.

Speaking to Cotter back in December, he teased that the company would be shifting away from the traditional experience and creating something more “cinematic.” The addition of Vinnie Jones is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver on its promises.