Rivalo Named Main Sponsor of Liga BFA in Brazil

Rivalo, an online sports betting operator headquartered in Curaçao, signed a partnership deal with Liga BFA to become the main sponsor of the professional football league in Brazil.

Boost Brand Awareness

The agreement with Liga BFA is set to provide Rivalo with a new outlet to boost its brand awareness in Brazil by featuring at the stadia of the league. Comprising of 45 teams, the league that hosts more than 100 games between June and November each year is one of South America’s biggest football competitions.

“We decided to support the American Football community in Brazil through BFA. They do an admirable job in the development of the sport and we will support the sport to grow even more.”

Guilherme Bucchi, Acquisition Manager Brazil, Rivalo

Rivalo branding will appear on at least two advertising boards at each of the six conference finals, as well as at the Brazil Bowl. In televised and playoff games, the brand’s logo will also be painted on the 20-yard line under the sponsorship deal for a sport that, according to Bucchi, is in its early days of evolution.

Commenting on the partnership deal, Liga BFA commercial director Eduardo Ferreira outlined the significant role the brand is expected to play to help the league raise the level and credibility of its competition.

“Rivalo will provide growth, professionalism and innovation to Brazilian football through this ground-breaking agreement. The trust that Rivalo places in BFA will certainly be reciprocated with gratitude.”

Eduardo Ferreira, Commercial Director, Liga BFA

Rivalo will receive exposure via daily content and specific campaigns across Liga BFA’s digital channels, besides displaying the brand’s logo during ESPN games broadcast, sponsored highlights, and other televised spots.

The operator will also have the naming rights of digital tournaments created in collaboration with Liga BFA to help the league further popularize its product and engage with fans of the sport in Brazil and the Americas.

Engaging Audiences Present Growth Potential

Rivalo’s interest in partnering with Liga BFA can be explained by the popularity of football in the country and the potential its audience presents for sports betting operators.

Football in Brazil is the second-largest NFL market outside of the US according to a recent study, and with this expressive audience, Liga BFA is seen as the gateway to the NFL in the country as it has already attracted the commercial focus of the North American league.

Football in Brazil consistently ranks among the top 10 most-watched and wagered sports according to another survey conducted by the Federal Government, and this audience presents Rivalo with an opportunity to pursue growth in collaboration with Liga BFA.