Robin Poker Calls Out Alexander Harry Jones as a Scammer

Robin Poker Calls Out Alexander Harry Jones as a Scammer

25 May

The poker world has been hit with yet another unsavoury scamming story while the high-stakes community is still reeling from a plethora of cheating allegations. Twitch streamer Lukas “Robin Poker” Robinson exposed Alexander Harry Jones as an alleged conman who came into his life intending to carry out a long con and obtain money by deception.

It’s finally time to publically out this poker scammer. Please share this post/thread, so that this guy doesn’t scam anyone else in poker ever again.

— Robin Poker (@RobinPoker_) May 21, 2022

The Long Con

Jones is accused of posing as a fan who wanted to stake Robinson but eventually ended up asking for loans himself. Robinson confirms in his video that even Jon “Apestyles” van Fleet fell victim to Jones’ antics to the tune of $4,500.

Another Twitch poker streamer, Rayan ‘beriuzy’ Chamas, heard the news about what Jones was accused of and had a story of his own to tell, confirming that there are likely many similar tales likely to come out over the next few weeks.

Chamas wrote that @Askaripoker and @ExzibitaPKR are both Twitter accounts owned by Jones who uses a different identity to wheedle his way into people’s lives. In this case, he actually became a mod on Chamas’s Twitch channel, putting in many hours to build trust.

Scam alert.

1/@AskariPoker is actually @ExzibitaPKR .

He played the long con and was helping out for 4 months & became a Mod on my channel. He actually put in work to help but I noticed something was off.

I confirmed with others that this is the same person, more below..

— Beriuzy (@beriuzy) May 20, 2022

Jones even gave out money during broadcasts expecting that the trust gained would be eventually repaid with interest.

After allegedly scamming a few people for $1,000-$2,000 under one identity, Jones returned under his other and tried his luck again.

Arlie Shaban, a PokerStars Team Online member, wrote:

“Sounds a lot like demon92 from my first 6 months streaming, guy came into my community all day every day, staked me into the juicy games, built up a reputation and then robbed some of my community members, tried to rob me but didn’t work.” Readers interested in following the entire train of evidence can examine a Google document that Lukas Robinson complied with every piece of information regarding the scamming available for all to see.

Name: Alexander Harry Jones
Twitters: @ExzibitaPKR@AskariPoker
Old Twitter accounts: @Exzibitapoker@alexjon58215531
Instagram: @realexzibita
From: Daventry, Northants, UK
Lived in: Australia & New Zealand
Served in the Armed forces/military for 6 years
Age: 25/26

— Robin Poker (@RobinPoker_) May 21, 2022

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