Rod Black Hired as Host and Ambassador for NorthStar Bets in Canada

Rod Black Hired as Host and Ambassador for NorthStar Bets in Canada

NorthStar Gaming is making huge moves in Canada. The most recent development is the addition of Rod Black, a legendary sports commentator, who will be the brand ambassador and host for NorthStar Bets. NorthStar Bets is set to provide Canadian customers with a local premier experience.

Rod Black is a Canadian Broadcasting Legend

Michael Moskowitz, NorthStar Gaming’s CEO, and founding partner stated that Black is one of the most recognizable faces and voices to sports fans in Canada and that is one of the things that makes him the perfect choice for the NorthStar Bets platform as he will educate customers about the company’s “content-driven experience.”

Moskowitz also said that Black has extensive knowledge in all major North American leagues and will be of massive importance to NorthStar Gaming as the company seeks to become a leader in the betting and sports media intersection.

NorthStar Bets’ content team already includes Chris Johnston, who is considered as the top hockey insider in North America. Johnston leads the coverage of the NHL at large as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Excitement to Work Together Goes Both Ways

Throughout the years, Black has commented for numerous events, some of which include the RBC Canadian Open, Olympic Games, as well as The Masters. While speaking on the NorthStar partnership, he said that this is an exciting time for sports fans in Ontario and that he’s looking forward to introducing them to NorthStar Bets.

Ontario is set to launch the online gambling industry and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has provided licenses to numerous operators who are looking to offer their services in the province.  

Black stated that during his career, he’s had the chance to cover some of the biggest sports moments in the history of Canada, but he’s always been passionate about engaging with fans and that is why he’s looking forward to working with NorthStar and being the ambassador and host for NorthStar Bets.

As a recognition of his achievements, Black has received numerous awards with the most prestigious being Sports Media Canada Award for Outstanding Sports Broadcaster. He’s also a five-time Canada’s Best Sportscaster Gemini Award nominee.

Thanks to NorthStar Bets, customers will be able to play numerous casino games and enjoy sports betting insights every time they visit the platform. Moskowitz stated that this product represents a tribute to NorthStar’s roots as a Canadian-owned company.

NorthStar Bets will utilize partnerships with various media companies to provide unique content. One of those partnerships is the one with Torstar Corporation, which will deliver marketing services and omnichannel advertising. Torstar’s interim CEO, Lorenzo DeMarchi, stated that Torstar is extremely delighted to partner with NorthStar Bets, and thanks to the partnership, readers will have various insights and storylines “at their fingertips.”