Sacramento Casino Shooting Leaves One Dead as Summer Armed Robbery Spree Continues

Sacramento Casino Shooting Leaves One Dead as Summer Armed Robbery Spree Continues

04 Sep

Sacramento was the scene for the latest in this summer’s spree of casino robberies and shootings, with one man left dead after attempting to stop an armed robber at the Capitol Casino…

It is the third such incident in just three years at the downtown Sacramento cardroom, and the umpteenth in the US of 2022, with the latest incident taking place around 6am on Monday morning, when police were called to the casino at 411 N. 16th Street.

Gunman caught by Cops

According to a City of Sacramento Police Department press release:

“During the robbery, an individual on scene confronted the suspect, who then shot that individual. After the shooting, the suspect fled and continued shooting.”

Alerted by the gunshots, police located the suspect as he was attempting to flee and detained him, recovering a firearm at the scene.

The suspect was then transported to hospital after complaining of shortness of breath, and was later booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Victim Died at the Scene

Fire department personnel, also in attendance, “provided emergency medical aid to the shooting victim, a male adult,” but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have stated that this was “an isolated incident”, with homicide detectives and crime scene investigators taking over the investigation.

It is far from the first time that the Capitol Casino has been a scene of serious crime, with 33-year-old Renee walker shot dead outside the building last year.

Prior to that, 36-year-old staff member Nicholas Broadway, an innocent bystander, was shot dead when a brawl turned into a shootout with police officers and security guards.

Hustler Casino Shootout

This summer has seen multiple shooting and robberies in and around casinos, with the well-known Hustler Casino, also in California, the scene of an armed ambush earlier this month.

Several assailants attacked an armoured vehicle, making off with a sum of money and leaving a security guard injured with a gunshot wound.

Oregon “bathed in blood” threat

A tribal casino in Oregon was also at the centre of an armed robbery this month, a bystander injured along with the gunman during a shootout with police at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino.

The gunman, 51-year-old Javier Francisco Vigil, demanded $1,000,000 from the cashier and threatened to “bathe everyone in blood” according to court documents released this week.

Poker rooms in particular have seen their fair share of casino stickups and shootings, perhaps the most infamous of all being when Michael Charles Cohen missed a potential jackpot in 2017…

…and then came to a grisly end two years later when he decided to carry out a copycat of his own earlier armed robbery…

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