Sands Commits to Responsible Water Use amid World Water Day

Sands Commits to Responsible Water Use amid World Water Day

Leading developer and operator of world-class integrated resorts, Las Vegas Sands, acknowledged the importance of responsible water use and vowed to further reduce its use by 2025. The announcement came Wednesday and coincided with World Water Day, an initiative designated by the United Nations (UN) to reaffirm the importance of access to fresh water.

World Water Day, which happens annually on March 22, encourages businesses, communities and families to help preserve fresh water by managing their consumption better. The initiative is also a part of the UN Sustainable Development plan.

“Water stewardship is one of Sands’ core environmental focus areas under the Planet pillar of its global corporate responsibility platform, and the company has set a 2025 target to reduce potable water use per square foot by 3% from a 2019 baseline,“

reads a statement released by Las Vegas Sands

Now, in light of World Water Day, Las Vegas Sands confirmed its plans to reduce potable water use per square foot by 3%. The target year set for this ambitious initiative is set for 2025 based on the 2019 baseline, explained the company.

Sands added that it expects this target to be achieved by preserving water use and improving its water operations within different segments of the business. At the same time, the company vowed to continue to offer supreme services for the guests of its properties.

The Company Remains Focused On Preserving Water

Sands, just like other globally recognized gaming operators, has an extensive sustainability program that also focuses on responsible growth and reducing environmental impact. This year, for World Water Day, the company shared “its water stewardship efforts,” which include multiple actions that seek to increase water reuse, protect water ecosystems and encourage water efficiency.

Previously, Sands has invested in low-flow water fixtures within different operating segments such as fountains, spas and hotel rooms, among other places where water is needed. Moreover, the company has implemented efficiency upgrades that contribute toward saving water and confirmed that this process will continue in the future as well.

“Water is one of the resources most critical to our business.“

Katarina Tesarova, senior vice president and chief sustainability officer at Las Vegas Sands

Katarina Tesarova, Las Vegas Sands’ senior vice president and chief sustainability officer, explained that water represents one of the critical resources for the company’s business. She outlined that water is used within all aspects of the business including restaurants, offices, hotel rooms and more. “Water also is fundamental to our building operations, from cooling systems to landscaping” added Tesarova.

She pointed out that the initiative seeks to make a positive impact and help preserve fresh water and natural ecosystems. Finally, Tesarova noted that Sands is continuously improving its water stewardship strategies in an effort to implement best practices.