Sashimi Poker Calls Rival a “Bitch!”

11 Jan

Last month, Sashimi Poker set tongues wagging when she apparently exposed herself on the set of Hustler Casino Live.

Appearing on Max Pain Monday, a new poker reality show on the Hustler Casino Live stream, Sashimi tricked her opponents by wearing a bodysuit which exposed fake breasts, leading to a massive Twitter storm questioning if she had gone too far. Now she has publicly called one of her rivals a “bitch,” in what looks like a contrived social media spat.

Sashimi, real name Yuuki Kaida, is an Instagrammer and YouTuber who clearly enjoys her time in the limelight. She also isn’t shy about getting herself noticed for things that might be controversial.

  • Max Pain Monday is a 9-handed NLHE game
  • It starts as $10-$20 with a $20 Big Blind Ante -Buy-in is $2k to $10k
  • After one orbit a mandatory straddle of $40 goes on
  • Re-straddles are optional -All-Ins are only run ONCE
  • If you win with 72 everyone pays you $100

Maybe this time we can point the finger at Max Pain Monday who look like they are using the girls as marketing tools and trying to build up some tension. Tao’s calling of Sashimi old and saying she sucks at poker clearly looks as if she was reading a script.

Should Hustler Casino Live Still Court Controversy?

After three months of heated discussion over the Robbi Jade Lew cheating accusation, we could be forgiven for thinking that Hustler Casino Live should be keeping as far away from controversy as it can for the time being.

Max Pain Monday is all about harvesting views; it is the primary goal and entertainment looks to be a priority over any actual poker. Sure, this will be fine for some, but don’t expect to see what we are used to seeing on the show.

In fact, the show roster will be built around the players who bring the most views in so we can expect more shenanigans on stream and across the social media channels in weeks to come. There will no doubt be some kind of a rush by relatively unknown players who are trying to build up a bigger following.

  1. Bring NEW people to @HCLPokerShow @HUSTLERCASINOLA, and poker in general.
  2. Boost diversity in poker by representing as many demographics as possible (starting with women).
  3. Provide weekly entertainment, even for those yet to fall in love with (or even quite understand) poker, via character development and recurring cast members.
  4. Provide the blueprint for poker players looking to build SUSTAINABLE high stakes poker games (keep it fun)!

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