Sazka Changes Name to Allwyn to Better Reflect Its International Expansion

Sazka Changes Name to Allwyn to Better Reflect Its International Expansion

The Czech national lottery games, instant lotteries, and online lotteries provider Sazka Entertainment has changed its name to Allwyn. The rebranding will take immediate effect, affecting the company’s logo and advertisement materials across the board.

Sazka Rebrands to Allwyn

The rebranding was suggested back in April when Sazka Entertainment created Allwyn as a subsidiary in the United Kingdom in order to place a bid for a national lottery license. Now Sazka has decided to go all out on this decision and has officially changed its name for good.

The reason for this big step is the tremendous growth that the operator has seen in the last few years. By changing its name to Allwyn, Sazka Entertainment marks an important change from a small European company to an international lottery provider.

For now, the Allwyn rebranding will affect the main company and its logo and advertisement materials, but the individual brands that are currently a part of the company will continue operating under their usual names.

Allwyn has been steadily growing its business from its headquarters in the Czech Republic. This year, the lottery company received $566 million in funding from Apollo Global and is already working on expanding its business.  Currently, Allwyn’s offerings are available in its native market, as well as in Austria, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy.

Allwyn Targets the UK Market

The lottery provider has been focused on expanding into the United Kingdom market as well and is targeting the national lottery license. The company announced its intentions to join the bid in October and currently has to compete with three other lottery providers for the license.

The National Lottery didn’t officially reveal which Allwyn’s opponents are, but it’s known that two of them are the pan-European Health Lottery, owned by Northern & Shell, and the Italian lottery provider Sisal.  Camelot, the current licensed national lottery, had compiled its selection questionnaire back in October last year, but it was never announced whether it was bidding for the license.

To boost its chances of obtaining the coveted license, Allwyn hired the services of Brent Hoberman, the co-founder of, and has been listening to his strategic advice in how to best approach the application. Furthermore, Allwyn acquired Sir Keith Mills as bid chair of the company’s team, which will run for the license, and later appointed the experienced Charles Garland to the same team.

Allwyn is bullish on acquiring the British license and expanding its business to the key UK market. It seems like the company will continue striving to achieve its goals. The adoption of the more internationally-recognizable title Allwyn attests to that.