SB22 Unveils VR22, a VR Sports Betting Platform

SB22 Unveils VR22, a VR Sports Betting Platform

SB22, the creator of the very first immersive betting platform that isn’t dependent on legacy tech, has unveiled VR22, an innovative betting platform.

A New Platform Has Been Unleashed

SB22 explained that VR22 is the industry’s first virtual reality betting platform. According to the company, the new product offers extreme immersion by pairing 360-degree live game streaming with user-friendly betting tools. As a result, the new platform ushers in a new age of engagement by making fans feel as if they are a part of the sports action. VR22 users will be able to interact with sports matches in ways they have never before imagined. The platform will, furthermore, permit players to bet on the next play, play in-game contests and will also provide them with the chance to win exclusive sports merchandise and non-fungible tokens.

Thanks to SB22’s in-house transactional platform, VR22 is a platform that can easily be adapted for both real money games and free-to-play games. The interactive experience is designed to be easy to use, with simple mechanics, hand tracking and AI-powered personalized promotion and retention offers.

VR22 is marketed toward sports operators, leagues and clubs.

There Is Nothing Quite Like VR22

Marko Savkovic, SB22’s chief technology officer, spoke about VR22’s release. He explained that there is currently no other such product on the market and described the new platform as a game-changing experience.

There’s simply nothing like it. With this game-changing experience, fans can interact in ways they never have been able to before. We are excited to help shape the future of the industry at SB22.

Marko Savkovic, CTO, SB22

Savkovic continued by saying that the new product combines SB22’s past expertise with VR and sports betting. And the end result is an unparalleled platform.

Combining our previous experience with enterprise and consumer VR as well as Sports Betting, we have made a unique immersive platform. We are excited to be able to shape the future of the industry with VR22.

Marko Savkovic, CTO, SB22

Keith Wall, VP of sports commercial at FanDuel, praised SB22 for its great new product. He is sure that the new app will engage sports betting enthusiasts like never before.

SB22’s VR application is truly immersive and allows fans to experience and wager on games in a highly innovative way.

Keith Wall, VP sports commercial, FanDuel

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