See Where Top Gun Maverick Ranks on Oscar Odds List –

See Where Top Gun Maverick Ranks on Oscar Odds List –

June 19, 2022

The Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, hands out golden silhouette trophy every year for movies they think are the best in that group. The most anticipated awards of the ceremony are Best Actor, Best Actress & Best Picture.

The ceremony takes place every March. If you recall just three months ago Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on national TV.  This was the most excitement around this ceremony in many years. There are still many months to go before the awards for this year are announced. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see which films and actors are favored to win.

Top Gun Maverick has been a true blockbuster this summer. We haven’t had one of those in quite awhile because of the Pandemic. Not only is the movie raking in the dough, it is very highly rated on Rotten tomatoes with both the fans and the critics, 97% and 99% respectively. But surprisingly it is not even listed in the top 20 movies to win on the betting sheet.

The odds are created based on which movies are most likely to win. Usually, the winner isn’t even the best movie of the year. It’s whatever movie strikes the fancy of Academy voters. It’s whichever movie is sending the message that they want to send at that particular time. For example, Apocalypse Now is clearly a better movie than Kramer vs. Kramer, in almost every aspect. But the political messaging in Kramer vs Kramer won it the award that year. Also, the Deer Hunter, another Vietnam based movie, won the year prior. These are all factors which must be considered.

Regarding the best actor and actress, often times it will go to the person who is “due” for the award vs. the actual best performance of that year. These reasons are why the Academy has lost some major credibility over the years. Conversely, the Golden Globes have gained credibility by awarding the actual best picture and best actor. But I digress. Here are the odds for best actor, best actress and best picture as they stand now. The list will be cut down when the Academy announces the finalists at the start of the new year.


Best Actor Odds


Austin Butler +300
Hugh Jackman +375
Brendan Fraser +450
Jesse Plemons +800
Colman Domingo +800
Christian Bale +1000
Adam Driver +1000
Nicolas Cage +1200
Colin Farrell +1400
Ryan Gosling +1400
Viggo Mortensen +1600
Harry Styles +1600
Alexander Skarsgard +1800
Timothee Chamalet +1800
Anthony Hopkins +2000
Brad Pitt +2000
Bill Nighy +2200
Daniel Kaluuya +2200
Willem Dafoe +2200
Leonardo DiCaprio +2200
Kelvin Harrison Jr. +3300
Tom Hanks +3300
Joaquin Phoenix +3300
Daniel Craig +4000
Idris Elba +4000
Michael Fassbender +4000
Will Smith +6000


Best Actress Odds


Cate Blanchett +450
Michelle Yeoh +475
Viola Davis +550
Naomi Ackie +550
Margot Robbie +800
Carey Mulligan +800
Florence Pugh +1000
Danielle Deadwyler +1000
Michelle Williams +1200
Emma Thompson +1400
Laura Dern +1600
Greta Gerwig +1600
Tilda Swinton +1800
Ana de Armas +1800
Saide Sink +1800
Jennifer Lawrence +2000
Dakota Johnson +2000
Regina King +2000
Emma Stone +2200
Olivia Colman +2000
Frances McDormand +2200
Zoe Kazan +2200
Jessica Chastain +3300
Anne Hathaway +3300
Zoe Zaldana +3300
Saoirse Ronan +4000
Emma Corrin +4000


Best Picture Odds


Thirteen Lives +550
Amsterdam +650
The Killers of the Flower Moon +650
She Said +850
The Woman King +1000
The Fabelmans +1200
Everything Everywhere All At Once +1200
The Son +1400
Poor Things +1600
Empire of Light +1600
The Killer +1800
Don’t Worry Darling +1800
Red, White and Water +2000
Nope +2000
Bardo +2000
White Noise +2000
Women Talking +2200
Next Goal +2200
Elvis +2200
The Banshees of Inisherin +2200
The Color Purple +3000
The Whale +3000
Blonde +3000
The Northman +3000
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever +4000
Bones and All +4000
Knives Out 2 +4000
Spaceman +4000
Armageddon Time +6000
Top Gun: Maverick +6000
Showing Up +6600
The Actor +6600
Asteroid City +6600
I Wanna Dance with Somebody +8000
The Gray Man +8000
Avatar 2 +8000
The Batman +8000
Men +10000
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Pt. 1) +10000
Lightyear +10000
Disappointment Blvd. +10000