SGA Launches a Campaign to Promote Licensed Gambling

The Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen) continues its crusade against the unlicensed gambling operators in the country by urging the local bettors to choose their licensed counterparts.

Games Need Rules: SGA’s Latest Campaign

The authority’s new campaign is called “Spel behöver regler” or “Games need rules.” True to its name, the initiative strives to remind people of the importance of regulation in gambling and inspire them to play with the Swedish authority’s licensees.

As a part of the campaign, the SGA has released three short films that teach people about how crucial regulation is through humorous skits. All of the videos showcase people cheating in board games, emphasizing how bad not following the rules is. The videos are distributed on the authority’s website and social media.

To boost the appeal of its campaign, the SGA featured Anders Lundin, a famous Swedish TV celebrity.  Each of the three videos ends with Lundin retelling viewers the essence of the initiative – that games need rules.

The SGA Wants People to Know Why This Matters

Speaking on the Spel behöver regler videos, the SGA jested that it does not require a license for playing board games and never will because such instances do not pose a danger to the public. However, the authority reminded us that things become a bit different when money is involved. The SGA added that those rules exist to ensure the safety of Swedish bettors.

If people click on one of the promotional videos, they will be redirected to SHA’s site where Lundin explains more about the campaign and why picking a regulated operator is a punter’s best bet. Lundin mentions the benefits of the regulated market and lists reasons why bettors should pick it.

Yvonne Hejdenberg, communications manager of SGA, explained that such informative campaigns are invaluable when it comes to connecting with the public and sending the right message. Hejdenberg said that the authority wants people to know what alternatives they have and better understand why choosing the regulated market matters.

The SGA has been working hard to create a healthy gambling ecosystem for bettors in the country. The regulator has been working hard to regulate its licensees and reprimand those who do not put enough effort into staying compliant.

With gambling becoming an increasingly popular activity among the Swedes, the SGA’s work is becoming even more important. The authority has the important role of maintaining the good image of the gambling industry by keeping operators under check and limiting gambling harm.