SofaScore and Gambling News Discuss Data’s Role in Gaming (Podcast #15)

Daniel Jurilj, the head of sales at SofaScore, joined Gambling News to discuss how the company’s data solutions are helping improve the sports betting industry. Available to leagues, teams and operators, the solutions provide access to over 500 sports events each year, providing real-time results, statistics, highlights and more. All of that enables a more robust experience for the sports bettor, as well as better player engagement for operators.

The data solutions also help improve integrity in sports. While this hasn’t been the primary focus, compiling larger amounts of data and making it available through a single solution enhance transparency in all sports.

SofaScore already provides data solutions for soccer, tennis and basketball. Additional sports are constantly being added, especially for the North American market, which is a major target for the company.

All other industries have relied on large amounts of data to aid their activity, but the gaming community has been behind. It has dedicated more resources to launches and acquisitions, relying on rudimentary data solutions. This is changing, however, and more operators are increasingly focusing on the ability to enhance the information they use behind the scenes, as well as what they are able to provide to the consumer.

SofaScore is in the process of developing new solutions that will drive engagement even more. 2022 is going to see a great deal of innovation in the gaming space, with SofaScore able to provide substantial support and growth opportunities. The next few years are going to be crucial for how the gaming ecosystem evolves, and SofaScore is positioned to be a frontrunner in that process.