South Dakota Sportsbooks Fined For Unapproved Bets

South Dakota Sportsbooks Fined For Unapproved Bets

A handful of fines related to legal sports betting were handed down last week in the state of South Dakota.

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming issued the fines in its meeting on Wednesday. According to a report from the Rapid City Journal, two casinos in Deadwood and one internet sports betting provider were fined $3,000 each for the respective violations.

Gold Dust Hotel and Casino, Mustang Sally’s, and Internet Sports International reportedly took bets on an in-state team, when that is against the rules in the state.

Most other sports betting states allow wagering on in-state college teams. Legal sports betting is available in more than 30 states across the U.S. South Dakota legalized the activity by referendum in 2020.

The illicit wagers were accepted on the SDSU basketball team, which lost in the first round of the ongoing March Madness tournament as a no. 13 seed to no. 4 seed Providence.

In addition to those fines, two casino staff were issued small penalties for taking bets larger than $1,000, which is the state limit on NFL games.

There was a poker-related fine at the meeting as well. A poker dealer at a casino was fined for having an extra queen of hearts in a live deck.