Spelinspektionen: Municipalities Need to Update Info for Lotteries

Spelinspektionen: Municipalities Need to Update Info for Lotteries

The Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen, urged municipalities responsible for lotteries to update the information displayed on their websites.

Municipalities Need to Update Information Regarding Lotteries

After conducting a process described as mapping or otherwise scrutiny of the websites of municipalities, the gambling regulator in Sweden called for changes. Citing uncovered deficiencies, Spelinspektionen asked the municipalities to update their websites with information regarding lotteries. The gambling regulator pointed out that licensing is one of its responsibilities. However, under the current Gambling Act in effect in the country, municipalities are in charge of monitoring and supervising the information about lotteries. In that line of thought, the gambling watchdog urged municipalities to review the information about lotteries and include details necessary for the players. 

“The Swedish Gaming Authority has mapped the information about lotteries on the municipalities’ websites, and the mapping shows that many municipalities have deficiencies in their information,“

reads a statement released by the Swedish gambling regulator

Such data must be updated and available should a player want to access it and must include information about the price of the lottery. Additional details should include general info about the distribution of profits from the lottery, among other requirements.

“A letter is therefore sent out to all municipalities that they should review the information so that it complies with current legislation Gambling Act (2018:1138),“

explains Spelinspektionen

To ensure the compliance of the Swedish municipalities, Spelinspektionen, asked them to follow through by sending letters. According to the regulator’s recent announcement, there is no deadline set to ensure compliance. Still, all municipalities need to ensure that the information distributed via their websites complies with the current legislation, the Gambling Act. For the convenience of inspectors and administrators from different municipalities, the gambling regulator unveiled plans to develop a digital information portal soon.

Number of Self-Excluded Gamblers Rises, Black Market Still an Issue

Coinciding with the call for action for municipalities, Spelinspektionen revealed that the number of self-excluded individuals increased. The country’s national self-exclusion program, Spelpaus, has now reached more than 80,000 registered users. This marked a significant milestone for the gambling ecosystem in Sweden, considering that the number of protected players continues to rise.

Still, illegal gambling operators continue to represent a challenge for the industry in Sweden. Earlier this month, the gambling watchdog reiterated that offering gambling services to Swedish residents without a license is prohibited. It’s no surprise that Spelinspektionen fights against illegal gambling by banning unlicensed operators and revealing such decisions via its website.