Sportradar Explains ORAKO’s Impressive Potential

Sportradar Explains ORAKO’s Impressive Potential

After announcing the debut of its new artificial intelligence-based all-in-one sportsbook solution ORAKO, Sportradar is ready to share all the details with its future clients. The company’s managing director for managed sportsbook services Jacob Lopez Curciel explained why the new solution could successfully rise to the expectations of operators. He also further explained why ORAKO might become the next big hit turnkey sportsbook solution for all operators in the market.

ORAKO Offers Flexible Services That Can Adapt Easily, 

When describing ORAKO, Curciel, who is also Optima’s founder and chief executive officer, emphasized its amazing flexibility. According to him, ORAKO is ready to provide a significantly compact approach to all sporting services. This means operators will be allowed to freely choose those services that will perfectly fit their needs and wants including sports betting and extra services from other parties. In other words, ORAKO has the impressive potential to do pretty much anything operators want it to do.

Sports betting operators interesting in putting their own plans into practice and creating their own in-house sportsbook services will take advantage of Sportradar’s application programming interfaces and services for their bespoke solutions.

The company is putting high hopes into innovation, relying on operators’ necessity to stay ahead of their game. Accordingly, operators will be the first to integrate fresh features and beat their competitors by choosing ORAKO.

Modular Approach and an Exhaustive List of Data Services 

These are also two essential perks of the new system. Using a modular solution to operators’ problems, ORAKO allows them to cherry-pick their preferred services and easily integrate them into their platforms. Sportradar generated a long and exhaustive list of these particular data services that let operators customize their own data. They also provide third-party solutions and fully managed trading, retention, marketing acquisition, and streaming solutions, among others. 

Operators will be able to smoothly design their own promotional campaigns and tailor them end-to-end while benefitting from ORAKO’s “front-end development and customization services for sports betting”, as Curciel explained. 

ORAKO, Key Driver in Changing Players’ Behaviors

The company also wishes to gradually turn into the driving force that could potentially influence the way sports bettors behave. Making predictions in the sports betting field is a difficult task. Curciel himself spoke about uncertainty as the most important variable. Sportradar’s solution is to not wait for consumers to change, but instead, provide them with what “they don’t know they want” and work on changing them. 

All in all, ORAKO was described as a constantly evolving product, service, and solution for operators in the market, with continuous improvements. In mid-May, Sportradar announced a strong first quarter in 2022 with revenue growth that was offset by expenses.