Sportradar Integrity Services and Austrian Police Extend MoU

Sportradar Integrity Services and Austrian Police Extend MoU

An existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Sportradar Integrity Services and the Austrian Federal Police has been extended with the inclusion of Anti-Doping Services, Sportradar announced today.

A Successful Collaboration Deepens

The MoU between the integrity unit of the leading supplier of sports data, technology, content, and sports integrity solutions with the Austrian Federal Police dates back to 2015 when Sportradar signed an agreement with the Bundeskriminalamt (BK) of the Ministry of the Interior (BMI).

Under the collaboration, Sportradar Integrity Services and the Austrian Federal Police have been exchanging information and analyses on matters related to sports integrity to prevent any match-fixing attempts and counter corruption within sports in the country.

“For years, the Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office has played a pioneering role in integrity measures in sports. For this reason, the long-standing cooperation with Sportradar is now being extended to include cooperation in the fight against doping, in addition to match-fixing.”

General Mag. Andreas Holzer, MA, Director, Criminal Intelligence Service Austria

The extended collaboration will see Sportradar’s integrity unit offer its proven, data-driven anti-doping technologies, solutions and network to enable the sharing of information that could detect and prevent attempts to violate the Austrian Federal Anti-Doping Act and other offenses of the country’s Criminal Code.

“Through our use of technology and data-driven anti-doping, Sportradar’s Anti-Doping Services department has established itself as a credible and trusted operator in this space, making the extension of our partnership with the Austrian law enforcement authorities a natural next step in supporting them address doping in sport.”

Dominic Mueser, Global Head, Anti-Doping Services, Sportradar Integrity Services

Fulfill the Partnership’s Potential

Hailing the strong existing partnership with the Austrian Federal Police, Mueser was excited to start building on the relationship and reveal its full potential to help the Austrian authorities clean the sport.

The integrity unit of Sportradar will leverage its technology to provide the Austrian Federal Police with information and investigative support related to athletes, supervisors, medical staff, anti-doping and sporting bodies, as well as third-party organizations.

Sportradar, which is supplying sports integrity solutions to more than 150 sports federations, leagues, law enforcement, and state authorities worldwide, will also deliver anti-doping training courses to members of the police.

Sportradar’s Anti-Doping Services provide the means for sports bodies and anti-doping organizations to detect and prosecute any violations of anti-doping rules, develop targeted testing plans and identify and disrupt trafficking networks.

Earlier in the month, Sportradar affirmed its commitment to fight match-fixing and protect the integrity of the sport by launching its new integrity service, Sportradar Integrity Exchange, to enable sportsbooks to report suspicious betting activity.