Star Entertainment Appoints David Foster as Chairman amidst Ongoing Difficulties

The company is experiencing significant hardships after losing its New South Wales and Queensland licenses, owing hundreds of millions in fines and facing several class action lawsuits. Foster’s appointment is part of an ongoing process to remedy the company’s shortcomings, ensure compliance and contest unjust allegations. The new chairman remains optimistic regarding the company’s future as he helps foster a new chapter for the group.

The Operator Is Scrambling to Reform

The past year has not been kind to the once-leading Australian casino operator. A 2021 investigation by The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and 60 Minutes revealed severe AML failings and possible ties to terrorist organizations. An official probe soon followed, confirming that The Star had severely and systematically violated numerous regulations. An apathetic response only worsened the situation, drawing the ire of authorities across Australia.

The Star faces up to $1 billion in fines and is engaged in several class action lawsuits. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) relentlessly pursues the operator’s former and current directors and executives. Furthermore, losing the NSW and Queensland licenses has severely impacted the operator’s bottom line. The ongoing turmoil has prompted The Star to elevate new, controversy-free talent to its management team.

Foster Has Experience Salvaging Struggling Enterprises

David Foster’s appointment as chairman has him replace Benjamin Heap, who is facing legal action. Heap is the last active director or executive involved in the proceedings, so his departure will hopefully signal a fresh start for the embattled operator. The former chairman was confident that his successor would help restore The Star’s damaged reputation.

I have every confidence The Star will be a powerhouse of the Australian tourism and entertainment sectors for decades to come.

Benjamin Heap, former chairman of Star Entertainment 

As chairman, Foster will be directly involved in remedying the operator’s shortcomings, hopefully restoring at least a part of its previous market position. He thanked Heap for spearheading the arduous rejuvenation process and promised to aid the renewed board of directors in the company’s journey back toward compliance.

I’m delighted to assume the role of chairman as we continue with an unwavering focus on earning back the trust of the community.

 David Foster, chairman of Star Entertainment 

Foster’s wealth of experience will be invaluable for the company’s remedial efforts. His career of over 25 years in the financial services sector saw him take the reins of Suncorp Bank, salvaging it from the consequences of the global financial crisis and steering it back into stability. Such experience is just what The Star needs to turn things around and recapture its former glory.