Star Player Suspended for Betting on NFL Games

Star Player Suspended for Betting on NFL Games

Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended for betting on NFL games. The League announced the suspension earlier this week, and while they are calling it “indefinite” they do confirm that it will be at least the entirety of the 2022 season.

The NFL stated that Ridley was betting on NFL games in late November of last year while he was separated from the team for a “non-football illness” and not participating in games. He had left the Falcons team after just five games for his “mental well being”.

Even though Ridley was away from the team while betting on NFL games, it is still a blatant violation of League policy. An investigation found no evidence that Ridley used inside information while placing the bets, but that is of little consequence.

This is not the first time an NFL player has been caught doing such a thing. In late 2019, Josh Shaw from the Arizona Cardinals was also suspended for betting on NFL games in a Las Vegas casino. This prompted a reminder memo from the League about their betting policy, and a warning for players. Apparently, Ridley didn’t get that memo.

Additionally, it should be noted that there has been no evidence to date that any coaches, staff, or teammates were aware of or participated in the gambling activities of Mr. Ridley.

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