Steve Aoki To Serve As New WPT Brand Ambassador

Steve Aoki To Serve As New WPT Brand Ambassador

16 Jan

In a recent announcement, the World Poker Tour stated that two time Grammy-nominated DJ, producer and artist Steve Aoki will serve as the company’s new brand ambassador in its 20th anniversary season. WPT believes Aoki’s large audience and knack for building brands will prove beneficial for them.

Who Is Steve Aoki?

In case you aren’t a fan of music or have been living under a rock for the past three decades, here’s a quick rundown on Aoki’s body of work.

Aoki began his music career in the 1990’s, and in 1996 he created his own label, Dim Mak Records. The label became much more than that, however, as it also features a events and lifestyle company as well as a clothing brand.

During that time, Aoki began working with fellow musician Blake Miller and the two called themselves Weird Science. Aoki became a board member for musician Michael Davis’ foundation called Music Is Revolution in 2006. It’s a nonprofit organization that helps provide music education for kids in the public school system.

Aoki began garnering worldwide recognition in the early 2010s as a result of his massive touring efforts. For example, his Deadmeat Tour in 2012 featured 55 cities within 60 tour dates throughout North America.

That same year, Aoki founded The Aoki Foundation, an organization that supports brain research with special focus on brain preservation and possible regenerative medicine. The organization puts on a slew of events in order to raise money for their cause. More recently, his clothing line Dim Mak Collection has also gained notoriety.

The producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist also wears another hat. Aoki is a huge fan of poker and has even become good friends with Phil Ivey himself.

Heads up poker with @philivey

— Steve Aoki (@steveaoki) August 5, 2013

Aoki even hosted a poker tournament on the Holy Ship, a popular electronic music cruise where famous musicians like Tommy Lee and Skrillex joined in on the action.

Perfect Fit

In a statement, Aoki expressed his gratitude and excitement in becoming WPT’s new brand ambassador. “It’s such an honor to be joining the WPT family. I have watched and admired the WPT for many, many years and to now be part of the WPT family; it feels so surreal and I am incredibly grateful,” Aoki said. WPT hopes to utilize Aoki’s expertise in building brands as a way to revamp the entire WPT with a new feel and look. Pair his expertise with tens of millions of social media followers, and you have a potential gold mine for the brand. “The passion and energy in which Steve Aoki approaches every aspect of his life is both inspiring and very much in line with the new vision of the WPT,” said Adam Pliska, World Poker Tour CEO. “Steve’s love of poker and his dedication to inspiring others to live life to the fullest makes him the ideal WPT brand ambassador. We are honored to have him play an active role in our transformation and in the celebration of World Poker Tour’s 20th anniversary.” For a brand hoping to promote poker across a wide audience, Steve Aoki is a perfect fit as its new ambassador.

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