Streak Continues for Nevada Gaming Revenue

Streak Continues for Nevada Gaming Revenue

It may seem like old news at this point, but for what it’s worth Nevada gaming revenue was over a billion dollars again in September. This reported by the state Gaming Control Board. And according to our calculations that makes the 19th month in a row that the state has hauled in a billion bucks.

The “hot streak” following the closures for the Coronavirus pandemic have been nothing short of amazing. And this September also out performed last September, when gaming in the state “only” brought in $1.16 billion in revenue. It’s all perspective, really.

The numbers for September came in at $1.25 billion, which were also slightly up from August when revenue was still a respectable $1.21 billion. Slot machines were still king for the state, with a 10% increase in revenue. That translated to nearly $860 million if the billion dollar total.

Still, table and card games were able to add $390 million to the Nevada gaming revenue total, which was also an increase from the month before and year-on-year. And of course sports betting was up, too… by over 30% from this time last year. Betting on sports contributed over $70 million to the state.

But what about online gambling and mobile betting? Well, casino games are not allowed online in Nevada. Weird, right? But mobile sports betting generated nearly $28 million to the bottom line. That may not sound like much, but it was almost 40% of the total sports wagering revenue for the month!


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