STS Group Strengthens Collaboration with BetGames Products

In Summary:

  • STS Group reports strong revenue generated by BetGames’ content
  • The company has renewed its partnership with TV Zaidimai
  • STS and BetGames are working on more Polish language content

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STS has announced an extension of its existing partnership with TV Zaidimai, and by extension BetGames. This makes the company the only operator in Poland that currently offers the unique content provided by BetGames in the form of live dealer casino products. The new deal will continue to expand and build upon the existing partnership between the two companies.

BetGames Content Drives Strong Traffic

STS Group has been happy with the results so far as the group noted that BetGames’ products and virtual sports account for 10% of the total group net gaming revenue. This means that STS is committed to its existing relationship and keen on exploring further collaborative opportunities. Thanks to the renewed partnership, STS Group will have access to more products, including poker, baccarat, and more.

TV Zaidimai and STS will focus on other products, including more Polish language live content. Commenting on the current partnership and successes, STS Holding CEO Mateusz Juroszek said:

“We are not only the largest, but also the most innovative bookmaker in Poland We are prolonging a partnership that is very important for us and grants us exclusivity to offer BetGames products in Poland.”

STS Holding CEO Mateusz Juroszek

Juroszek confirmed that there has been sustained interest from players who have found BetGames’ products to be particularly appealing. This collaboration with TV Zaidimai enables the Group to provide Polish players with the content they are after.

TV Zaidimai’s CEO, Andreas Koeberl, was equally pleased to find out that the collaboration has proven to be so fruitful. Koeberl said that the company was pleased to strengthen its existing relationship with STS, commending the company’s leading position in the Polish gambling ecosystem and other markets.

“An ideal match for us to develop a challenging market together – with great success for both parties,” Koeberl added.