Garrett Adelstein Shares Details on Hustler Casino Live Poker Cheating Conspiracy

Garrett Adelstein unleashed a lengthy statement on the 2+2 forums that left many speculating as to who might be involved in the alleged Hustler Casino Live poker cheating scandal. The detailed statement included dozens of pieces of circumstantial evidence. Within the attorney-assisted content, the Los Angeles high-stakes poker legend suggestedContinue Reading

Garrett Adelstein Calls Hustler Casino Live Cheating “Completely F***ing Unacceptable!”

09:1017 Feb The Hustler Casino Live cheating incident from earlier this month has been described as “completely f***ing unacceptable” by Garrett Adelstein, the popular cash game pro disgusted by the actions of Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo… As we reported recently, Cedillo repeatedly sneaked looks at fellow player Barry Wallace’s cards, usingContinue Reading