PokerGo Tour Bans Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler

September 23, 2022 Scandals & Crime Former PokerGo golden boy Ali Imsirovic has been banned from the company’s tour along with Jake Schindler. Ali Imsirovic (pictured) and Jake Schindler have been banned from the PokerGo Tour following cheating allegations. (Image: PokerGo) 2021 PokerGo Tour Player of the Year Imsirovic won’tContinue Reading

Poker Tour Bans Accused High-Stakes Cheaters Ali Imsirovic And Jake Schindler From Events

Jake Schindler and Ali Imsirovic have been getting the cold-shoulder treatment from other members of the high-stakes poker community ever since they were accused of cheating. The allegations range from collusion to the use of real-time assistance (RTA), and both players were reportedly banned from playing on GGPoker online asContinue Reading