Oly Sport metaverse and betting exchange Betswap.gg partner up to develop the first horse racing NFT game

Oly Sport, a metaverse centered around play-to-earn eSport horse racing, and sports betting exchange Betswap.gg (BSGG) are partnering to bring the first horse-racing NFT game to the BSGG platform, according to a new press announcement. Using Oly Sport’s API data integration, horse racing bettors around the world will soon be ableContinue Reading

“XR technologies and metaverse represent the same opportunity for the casino industry as the Internet did in its time”

As metaverse poises to be one of the key trends this year in several business areas, including gambling, XR Casino has recently made the headlines when it announced its first corporate investor, BOTS, a global technology conglomerate specialized in Blockchain-based solutions that plans to launch a proprietary Metaverse based onContinue Reading

“We have no doubt that the metaverse will change the online gambling sector forever”

During an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Fast OffShore’s founding partner Ron Mendelson, expert consultant for the iGaming industry, shared an overall assessment of the industry’s recovery coming out of the pandemic and how it boosted iGaming as people embraced more digital habits. He offered a global panorama and further explainedContinue Reading