Oly Sport metaverse and betting exchange Betswap.gg partner up to develop the first horse racing NFT game

Oly Sport, a metaverse centered around play-to-earn eSport horse racing, and sports betting exchange Betswap.gg (BSGG) are partnering to bring the first horse-racing NFT game to the BSGG platform, according to a new press announcement. Using Oly Sport’s API data integration, horse racing bettors around the world will soon be ableContinue Reading

DraftKings to release new iteration of gamified NFT digital collectibles focused on UFC

DraftKings and UFC announced Friday their plans to launch a new iteration of DraftKings’ “Reignmaners” gamified digital collectibles franchise focused on UFC. Reignmakers UFC will allow fans to build collections of their favorite UFC figthers and utilize them in games to compete for prizes. The first season of Reignmakers UFC NFT-basedContinue Reading

DraftKings and UFC Announce Reignmakers UFC NFT Game

Sports gambling and technology company DraftKings and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced today their plans to launch a UFC-focused iteration of DraftKings’ “Reignmakers.” Expanding Partnership into Blockchain The new iteration of gamified digital collectibles with a focus on UFC will offer fans of the professional fight league to collectContinue Reading

Poker Dogs Club and Partypoker Launch NFT Products

February 1, 2022 Business & Industry The crossovers between poker and crypto technology keep on coming, and the latest innovations opening the door to new ideas are NFT play-to-earn games. Poker Dogs Club and Partypoker are the latest companies to enter the Metaverse and embrace NFTs. (Image: Poker Dogs Club)Continue Reading