Esports Present Lucrative New Opportunity for the Global Gambling Industry

Gambling industry experts and executives speaking at the Casino Esport Conference in Atlantic City talked about the huge potential video games have in terms of sports betting. Competitive Video Gaming Offers an Untapped Audience of 532 Million People Worldwide Associated Press reported that according to experts and executives representing theContinue Reading

BGC CEO: “This White Paper should be an opportunity to modernise to allow bricks and mortar casinos to compete internationally and with online gaming”

After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation this month, in a political crisis that also saw the exit of Gambling Minister Chris Philp, the White Paper to reform gambling laws was postponed for the fourth time, and might not go ahead until a new leader of the Conservative party isContinue Reading

“XR technologies and metaverse represent the same opportunity for the casino industry as the Internet did in its time”

As metaverse poises to be one of the key trends this year in several business areas, including gambling, XR Casino has recently made the headlines when it announced its first corporate investor, BOTS, a global technology conglomerate specialized in Blockchain-based solutions that plans to launch a proprietary Metaverse based onContinue Reading