Overweight Mares Have A Harder Time With Pregnancy  – Horse Racing News

by Paulick Report Staff|05.12.202205.11.2022|5:27pm8:29am A new study suggests that overweight mares have uteri which are less adaptive to the cyclical changes that renew womb lining, which compromises their reproductive health.  Researchers from the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland, the Biotechnologye of the Czech Academy of Sciences andContinue Reading

Grazing Overweight Horses: Restricted Access Appropriate At Times – Horse Racing News

Are you toying with the idea of regaining control of your horse’s body condition by implementing a weight-loss plan? Depending on your horse’s situation, restricting access to pasture might be the place to start. Why limit pasture access? Aren’t horses natural-born grazers? While horses evolved as grazers, the quality ofContinue Reading