Poker’s Black Eyes – Gambling With An Edge

Years ago at the start of the poker boom, I had an idea and outlined a yet unfinished novel about a huge-prize-money televised poker tournament where the hole-card feed was compromised and a player won through cheating. My message was that it wasn’t inconceivable that this could occur and tournament organizersContinue Reading

Addressing Poker’s Problem with Gender Equality

July 29, 2022 CardsChat Community Like many other sports and industries, women are vastly underrepresented in professional poker. Despite making up half of the world’s population, only 5% of professional poker players are women. This unfortunate reality is the result of multiple circumstances that work to widen the gap betweenContinue Reading

Michael Acevedo: GTO Wizard To Poker’s Superstars

Over the years, poker players around the world have been metaphorically traveling a yellow brick road paved with a myriad of poker strategy theories, seeking what may seem like magical solutions to solving the game of poker. Along the way they’ve encountered many obstacles, strawman illusions to poker’s elusive majorContinue Reading