Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth in Twitter Cryptocurrency Spat

11:4815 Jul Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth have clashed this week over their respective favourite cryptocurrencies, Polk accusing Hellmuth of backing a “scam” coin while Hellmuth retorting that Polk was “100x more at fault”. The spat revolves around Hellmuth’s promotion of Bitcoin Latinum and Polk’s CoinFlex involvement, both cryptocurrencies inContinue Reading

Ginge Poker Plays 9,000 Pot with Doug Polk

07:5430 Jun Ginge Poker hit the headlines last month when he announced his $1,000,000 in 90 days challenge. The GGPoker ambassador is on a tour of the United States playing in high-stakes games wherever he can find interesting action, vlogging his experiences along the way. Played a HUGE pot vsContinue Reading