Indiana Suspends, Fines Two Veterinarians Four Months After Offense Date – Horse Racing News

by Natalie Voss|11.14.202211.14.2022|9:57pm10:08pm Stewards in Indiana issued 60-day suspensions and $5,000 fines to two veterinarians on Nov. 7 after determining they violated commission rules prohibiting possession of non-FDA approved drugs. Drs. Cynthia Loomis and Nicole Wettstein, both practitioners at Equine Medical Associates, were also handed summary suspensions banning them fromContinue Reading

AAEP: Keynote Speaker Urges Veterinarians To Think About, Embrace Generational Differences – Horse Racing News

Between retirements, fewer veterinary students choosing equine and many of those who do leaving equine within five years after graduation, it is more important than ever for practices to embrace the unique strengths of the different generations within their practice. Doing so, according to keynote speaker Meagan Johnson, will helpContinue Reading