The NBA Embraces Sports Betting with New App

The NBA Embraces Sports Betting with New App

The NBA has announced the launch of its newly updated global NBA app. In an official press release, the league unveiled many substantial new features with an increased focus on sports betting content. The updated NBA app is now free to download internationally and features personalized content tailored to the preferences of individual fans.

Fans Can Enjoy Expanded Features and a New Design

NBA’s new app is based on cloud and AI technology by Microsoft and aims to become the brand’s online flagship and a natural hub for all its worldwide fans. The new design bears a significant resemblance to that of social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, focusing on interactable vertical content. Instagram alone has over 71 million NBA followers, so the league hopes to tap into its global fanbase and encourage them to migrate to its native app. If successful, this move will allow the NBA to seamlessly market its paid offerings like NBA TV and the NBA League Pass premium streaming service.

NBA executive VP Chris Benyarko called the newest version of NBA’s digital platform a significant milestone in the league’s efforts to bolster fan engagement with new and exciting offerings.

We are thrilled to deliver a reimagined product that will enhance and personalize the way NBA fans engage with the league on a daily basis.

Chris Benyarko, NBA executive VP, direct-to-consumer

In addition to an expansive selection of Live content, NBA fans using the new app will also have access to news, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and an impressive library of historical footage.

Wagering Content Receives Increased Focus

Sports betting has also become one of the primary focal points of the new app. While users will not be able to wager directly, they will have access to NBABet stream – a weekly program focused on providing Live game betting information. Content from online sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Action Network will also be available to the app’s US customers.

The NBA is cautious about pushing sports betting content too aggressively to avoid alienating its core audience. League officials confirmed that they realize not all fans are keen on wagering, which is why the app will have the option to toggle off all gambling-related content.

Some other additions to the NBA’s social platform include NBA ID, a free-to-join global membership program designed to link user experience across all existing products and provide fans with promotions and rewards via voting campaigns and NBA Pick’Em fantasy games.

Benefitting from Microsoft’s Azure and Azure AI cloud technologies also provides users with the aptly named “For You” experience. Fans will be served personalized vertical content based on their preferences, similar to traditional social media.

Overall, the new NBA App appears packed with new features aimed at consolidating the league’s audience and implementing monetization options that do not interfere with the overall customer experience. It remains to be seen whether the new bells and whistles will be able to divert a big enough audience from traditional social media where users can browse through all their interests from a single app. If the NBA is successful in that endeavor, it could pave the way for more high-profile leagues to launch similar projects.