The PORTL Hologram Booth for Casinos • This Week in Gambling

The PORTL Hologram Booth for Casinos • This Week in Gambling

We speak with Gary Shoefield about the PORTL Hologram booth, which was unveiled to the gambling industry at the 2021 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. This amazing bit of technology has the potential to radically change how land based casinos and betting companies interact with their customers.

PORTL can put a casino employee or concierge “face-to-face” with customers in a live, interactive experience to answer questions, find games, or give directions to dining and entertainment! Some may call it ‘telepresence’ and some may call it ‘holoportation’, but however it’s referred to it is real and available right now!

So many Americans ditched thei vacation plans in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Now, however, one company is bringing new technology to Las Vegas that could bring Las Vegas to the people!

The Portl Hologram booth is the product of the Portl Company, a start-up that is bringing holograms to a different place. “It’s like hologram Zoom,” the company CEO, David Nussbaum, explained. “You’ll be able to stand in front of your mini portal and be in someone else’s mini.”

Portl has already been used at multiple music festivals and red carpet events. Some celebrities and politicians have begun to look at the company’s technology. PORTL Hologram Booths create strikingly lifelike holographic images, and the machine can send images to others thousands of miles away and interact with them in real time.