The Power of Influencers and How They Are Transforming the iGaming Industry

It’s no secret that influencers are becoming increasingly important for brands in any industry, the iGaming industry included. Whether you think this is true or not, there is something special about influencers. Jimmy Donaldson, perhaps more known as Mr Beast, is one of the most known influencers today. Surpassing over 120 million subscribers on YouTube, and with millions of views on every video, he recently expressed the following in Forbes 30 Under 30.

People just don’t understand the influence a lot of creators have

Mr. Beast – Forbes 30 under 30, 2022

Influencers, the content creators, indeed have a huge impact, and that impact is only growing. Research from IZEA from 2022, Trust in Influencer Marketing, shows that over 60% of consumers trust influencer advice over celebrity endorsements and that influencers are the number one reason to try out new products. With their reach and popularity, they are in a strong position to drive brand and product awareness and create a top-of[1]mind effect among their audiences.

Leveraging influencers to drive visibility, popularity, and engagement is important in the iGaming industry. This is also why several companies, operators and providers focus more on influencers today. The effect of working with influencers can be highly successful, as they can engage with their audiences on a different level compared to traditional marketing.

Influencers in the iGaming industry, also known as casino streamers, stem back to early 2016 on Twitch, the world’s largest live-streaming platform, owned by Amazon. Since the birth of casino streaming, it has had a massive increase and hit new records in total streamers and viewership, year by year. In 2022, the Casinolytics AI has tracked almost 17 billion minutes of casino game content brand reach on live-streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube – an increase of over 70% compared with 2021.

The growth in casino streaming can be attributed to streamers making gambling content more entertaining, engaging and fun. This creates an environment where viewers can interact with the community and the streamer, which amplifies the excitement. In other words, when viewers enjoy watching streamers playing games, the odds of them trying it out increase.

The Casinolytics AI has tracked almost 17 billion minutes of casino game content brand reach in 2022


How did casino streaming become so popular? And why do people choose it over binge-watching Netflix, playing PUBG, or playing games on their mobile? The main reason for the popularity of casino games lies in the beauty of random number generation (RNG), which creates unexpected reactions and memorable moments for the community. Since nobody knows when things can happen, this attracts different types of viewers. Not only the ones that want to come and go whenever it suits them, but also the very dedicated ones that are there for the community and who spend hours and hours watching a streamer.

Today, it is inevitable that the power of influencers is transforming the iGaming industry and creating a whole new opportunity for companies to make their products stand out in the market. Just stop for a minute, and imagine that over 100,000 people are seeing your brand on Twitch and YouTube at this very moment.