The War for Florida Sports Betting • This Week in Gambling

The War for Florida Sports Betting • This Week in Gambling

Gambling news is fast and furious this week, as Florida sports betting is at the center of a war between politicians, the Seminole Tribe, and sports betting providers like FanDuel and DraftKings! Everyone is choosing sides, with millions of dollars invested and billions of dollars at stake! And the outcome could have consequences for gambling across America.

Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of This Week in Gambling, where we have lines being drawn, sides being chosen, and potentially $2.5 billion in gambling profits on the line! Setting up for what could be a sports betting Battle Royale! Thirty-two states now have legal sports betting. Twenty-nine states have some form of Tribal Gaming, And Florida has them both, meaning that what happens down there could have far-reaching consequences all across the country. Not just for sports betting but for all forms of gambling.

Back in May, state reached an agreement with the Seminole Tribe to make Florida sports betting a reality for residents… and all hell broke loose! There were lawsuits filed! There were accusations of corruption! All because so much is on the line! About $2.5 billion is on the line over the next five years! I mean technically, sports betting has been legal in Florida since October 15th… but no one in the state will take any bets given the legal situation!

However, that has not stopped the Seminal Tribe from forming sports betting partnerships with poker rooms, casinos, and race tracks all across the state. But there is a bigger problem on the horizon. Even bigger than the lawsuits. Fantasy sports providers FanDuel and DraftKings have teamed up and dropped $20 million to help fight the state’s agreement with the Seminole Tribe. They’re helping to circulate a petition and gather enough signatures to get a sports betting amendment on the ballot next year, and put an end to the Seminole’s exclusive Florida sports betting agreement.

Now, one of the lawsuits in this case has already been thrown out. Another one has a court date later this week. But even if all the lawsuits get tossed there’s still the danger of that ballot measure next year, so this fight could be a long way from over. But with $2.5 billion  on the line you gotta expect there’s gonna be some biting, clawing, and scratching!

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Finally this week, after a long wait made even longer by the pandemic, our friends down in Louisiana have launched legal, regulated sports betting! So all you good folk down there on the bayou, y’all get ready now! You gonna to be betting on dem crawdad races! I guarantee! Hoo! Dat’s good! Or the Saints. You could also bet on the Saints.