The World Series of Poker & Amateur Players • This Week in Gambling

The World Series of Poker & Amateur Players • This Week in Gambling

We visit Bally’s in Las Vegas and speak with two-time Bracelet Winner Mark Seif about the World Series of Poker and amateur players at the event. There are plenty of low buy-in events for recreational players, starting with as little as $400 to play! Plus, the WSOP offers cash games with buy-ins as low as $100 for 1-3 No Limit!

There are plenty of events at the World Series of Poker that amateur and recreational players can buy into on the cheap. The fees range from $400 to $500 for the smallest, with a few hovering around $1,000. There are deep stack events at the WSOP, as well as a freeze outs and re-buys. It’s all up to you and your budget!

J.Todd: Hello friends, J.Todd here at the World Series of Poker where I’ve caught up with two-time WSOP Bracelet winner Mark Seif. Mark, thank you so much for coming on the program!

Mark: My pleasure, Jay!

J.Todd: You know, Mark and I have been friends for many years… a couple of decades… and you know, I’ve been to his house many times, he’s had me over…

Mark: That’s not true.

J.Todd: A lot of it’s true. I was touched when he made me godfather to his daughters, and I…

Mark: That that’s not true!

J.Todd: A lot of it’s true…

Mark: Actually, none of that is true.

J.Todd: You… you did win two bracelets.

Mark: Okay that part is true.

J.Todd: Well, there ya go. Okay! All joking aside, I guess I met Mark, I don’t know, 10 years ago? At a poker school, I believe. A lot of good it did me! I’m still doing video and he’s still winning money!
But uh, you know um you were you were very gracious you were such a good guy and we kept in touch. And you know, I’m down here at the WSOP as an amateur… and This Week in Gambling is for amateurs… And I think a lot of times there’s an intimidation factor. I love playing poker, but I get intimidated thinking: Can I really go and play at the WSOP? Oh god, I wish I could! What about amateurs here?

Mark: Oh amateurs every year, Jay, do very well! Some amateurs go on to do great things and win bracelets and make tons of money! You know, you don’t have to have a million dollars to play in the World Series of Poker. You don’t have to be a professional. You could sit down in a satellite for 100 bucks win your way into a tournament, parlay that into a bracelet and a million bucks!

J.Todd: Yeah, I think I saw online… what gave me the idea for this… is that there are events for as little as $500 dollars that are live events!

Mark: Colossus is $400!

J.Todd: Really? Okay, you’re going gonna stake me right?

Mark: Uh… yeah yeah!

J.Todd: But, yeah… I mean… I came down and I didn’t have the $400, but I did sit down at a cash table, put a couple hundred bucks down, and just got the experience of sitting here and playing! Look, I just saw Phil Hellmuth walk by… Of course he didn’t look up… he didn’t talk to nobody…

Mark: Yeah that’s pretty standard for Phil.

J.Todd: I’ve met Phil before, too… He’s a nice guy when he’s not, you know, focused and trying to get in the zone. But of course, me playing: Aces cracked! Got ’em in good, though!
that’s all that matters, right?

Mark: That’s all you can do, Jay.

J.Todd: The one piece of advice you did give to me that always sticks with me, seriously, is: Sometimes you got to go broke!

Mark: That part is absolutely true! To play great poker, sometimes you got to put yourself at risk. And sometimes you’ll get busted.

J.Todd: Well if you’re interested, I understand this event runs through. I think July 20th?

Mark: That’s right.

J.Todd: Okay, so you still have time to get down here. And if you missed it, and you’re watching this video after the fact, there’s always next year! It’s a load of fun! The people are super friendly! Don’t be intimidated, no matter what your skill level is! Mark, I do appreciate you coming on! Thank you so much! You’re so gracious! You’re such a great guy!

Mark: Thanks, Jay! My pleasure! Good luck buddy!

J.Todd: Here’s the money you wanted.