Top 10 US States With the Highest Casino Dealer Salaries in 2022

Top 10 US States With the Highest Casino Dealer Salaries in 2022

When contemplating a new job, one of the primary concerns expressed by all demographics is tightly connected to the salary. Jobs in the lucrative gambling industry may sound particularly appealing from this perspective. In the context of Las Vegas alone bringing in over $7 billion in gross gaming revenue in 2021 and the expanded legalization of gambling in most states, casino dealers and croupier jobs are in high demand right now. 

As expected, some US states are more advantageous than others when it comes to casino salaries. Washington casino dealer jobs pay the most, followed by New York and South Dakota, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics report issues in 2020.

Casino Dealer Training and Licensing

Similar to the majority of industry jobs, card dealers usually receive low base salaries. The tips they receive from patrons help them round their monthly incomes and they vary from state to state or among different casinos.

A dealer in Las Vegas can earn an average of around $35,000 a year, with salaries ranging from $17,000 to $71,000 based on a number of elements such as experience, skills, bonuses, employer, or tips. San Francisco dealers can scoop up close to $126,000 on a yearly basis, which represents around 50% more than the national average salary for dealers.

No matter what state they might work in, casino dealers have the same job responsibilities ranging from card dealing, roulette wheel spinning, ball dropping, dice throwing, and close monitoring at the tables to prevent theft or cheating.

To land a casino dealer job, one must first complete specialized training courses to learn complex game rules and specific casino dealing intricacies, state and local gambling regulations, and how to identify cheaters. In some states, casino dealers are required to get a state or municipal license. Top dealers have excellent communication skills, are friendly, do quick math, and have good skills that can facilitate table games.

Casino Dealer Hourly Wage Salaries: High to Low

According to a 2020 report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, there are 33 US states that periodically report casino dealer employment data to the Bureau. Based on the hourly mean wages reported to the Bureau by each state and estimates of the number of employees, these are the best paying states for casino dealers:


With a mean wage of $20.48 per hour and an estimated number of 3,150 table dealers, Washington is the best paying US state where it pays off to embrace this job. The daily tips for card room employees can reach around $200.

New York

The 2.160 dealers in New York are remunerated with an hourly mean salary of $17.12 and $200 tips a day.

South Dakota

There are around 180 casino dealers in South Dakota paid with an hourly mean wage of $14.91.


The 910 poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette dealers and croupiers in Colorado earn an hourly mean wage of $14.70.


With close to 12,000 dealers, California is the fifth-best paying US state for this job, with an hourly mean salary of $14.51.


Next in line is Arizona with close to 2,000 employed dealers in the state’s casinos and an average salary of close to $14 per hour.

North Dakota

The state has more than 1,100 casino dealers paid with an hourly mean wage of $13.18.


Only counting 100 casino dealers, Idaho has ranked as the eighth best-paying US state with an hourly mean wage of $13.


The state has more than 1,800 dealers in place paid with little over $13/hour on average.


While there is no official estimate for the total number of casino dealers in Georgia, the hourly mean wage here is approximately $12.80.