Top 5 Daniel Negreanu Bluffs

Top 5 Daniel Negreanu Bluffs

25 Jan

With almost $44 million in cashes, 203 WSOP cashes and 6 bracelets, Daniel Negreanu has cemented himself as a legend of the game. Bluffing is key to being successful, so here are five awesome Kid Poker bluffs.

5. Daniel Negreanu vs. Mikita Badziakouski

At the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl final table, Kid Poker attempted a huge bluff against Mikita Badziakouski.

Mikita limped in the small blind for 15,000 with J9o. Negreanu looked down at A6o and raised it to 120,000. Mikita made the call and the flopped top pair on 972.

Mikita checked the flop to the aggressor, and Negreanu checked back. When the turn came a 3, Mikita fired 180,000 and Negreanu made the call with air.

The river came the eight of spades, and Mikita decided to go for value. He bet 240,000 into the 630,000 pot. Negreanu decided to represent a flush by raising to 750,000, and after thinking about it for over a minute, Mikita laid down the best hand.

4. Daniel Negreanu vs. Andrew Robl

The PokerStars Big Game was known for its big pots, coolers, and the big bluffs. In this hand, Negreanu and Andrew Robl tangled for a five-figure pot.

On the AK2 flop with two spades, Negreanu flopped a flush draw with 6s3s while Robl flopped top pair with AJo. Negreanu checked his draw, Robl bet $4,000 into the $6,800 pot, and Negreanu called. When the turn came a ten, Negreanu decided to semi-bluff his flush draw for $8,500 into the $14,800 pot, and Robl called.

The river came another ten, and Nereanu fired $18,500. After thinking for a while and getting slightly berated by Tony G, Robl laid down the best hand and Negreanu showed his bluff.

3. Daniel Negreanu vs. Ivan Luca

Deep in the 2018 PCA Main Event, Negreanu and Ivan Luca got involved in a pot. Luca raised 99 to 30,000 from early position and Negreanu called on his immediate left and went heads-up to the flop of 536.

Luca decided to continuation-bet for 28,000, and with a pair and a gutshot, Negreanu raised to 95,000. After thinking briefly, Luca called. The turn came another 3, and the two players checked. When the river came an 8 and completed a couple straight draws, Luca checked to Negreanu who fired off an over bet of 400,000, to which Luca immediately folded.

2. Daniel Negreanu vs. Phil Ivey

Deep in the 2014 Aussie Millions, Negreanu pulled off a sick bluff against fellow poker legend Phil Ivey. Ivey opened to 120,000 with KQo and Negreanu called with QJs. The flop came 5AT, and Negreanu check-called for 150,000.

The turn came an innocuous 3, and the two checked. The river came an 8, and Negreanu decided to fire the river for 225,000. After thinking for a while, Ivey decided to put the best hand in the muck.

1 Daniel Negreanu vs. Alec Torelli

During the EPT 9 in Monte Carlo, Negreanu pulled off a sick bluff to make Alec Torelli fold a set of fives.

Negreanu opened AJo to 400 and got four callers, including Torelli with 55. The flop came Q52 with two spades and Negreanu continued for 1,150. Torelli raised to 2,500, and Negreanu decided to call.

The turn came a J, and Negreanu bet again for 3,100. Torelli decided to just call. Negreanu emptied the clip when the river came an ace, and Torelli laid his set down.