Trainwreck’s New Streaming Platform “Kick” Reportedly Owned by

18 Dec

Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam’s announced move from Twitch to upstart streaming platform Kick has resulted in controversy on social media when it was revealed by an internet sleuth that Kick is owned by online gambling site Stake.

Trainwreck, a popular online slots player and high stakes sports betting streamer with more than 2 million Twitch followers, has repeatedly called for transparency within the online gambling and live streaming industries. He warns against the dangers of gambling, especially as it pertains to children watching live streams, and urges those who can’t control their betting to seek help.

The fact that Trainwreck has signed on with Kick without revealing that Stake is behind the project has many trollers on social media labeling him a hypocrite. Niknam’s critics believe that his alliance with Stake is predatory and will drive even more kids and problem gamblers to ruin.

Cloning Twitch

Another point of controversy is the site itself, which apparently is merely a rip-off of Twitch. Many social media commenters pointed out the similarity, such as the following tweet:

Streamers on Kick, which is still in beta mode, will enjoy a 95/5 split on their content creation, an amount that Trainwreck pushed for in his role as non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster on the new streaming platform. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, offers a 50/50 split with its streamers, a deal that Niknam finds highly unfair.

Trainwreck’s move to Kick was necessitated by Twitch’s decision in October to ban unregulated casino sites such as Stake and Roobet. He called Twitch’s new rule inconsistent with regard to online casinos and high stakes betting on sporting events.

While a number of people took offense to Trainwreck’s association with Stake, there are others who couldn’t care less.

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