Twitch Star xQc Loses 0,000 on Online Slots Within 140 Seconds

Twitch Star xQc Loses $170,000 on Online Slots Within 140 Seconds

23 Jul

Twitch high-stakes gambling live streams have grown in popularity during the last few years. Several notable streamers now devote their entire time to broadcasting online slots, card games, or roulette.

One eminent streamer is the Canadian star Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who has more than 10 million Twitch followers. Even though xQc recently took an extended break from his gambling exploits, he went back to betting with fresh enthusiasm.

Fans were stunned to witness how recklessly xQc proceeded to bet and play slots while he was broadcasting. He lost $170,000 in only 140 seconds, causing a social media uproar.

Twitter Uproar

Jake “JakeSucky” Lucky, an esports star and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, uploaded two-minute footage showing the content producer gambling and losing cash.

How xQc could lose so much money without displaying any emotion was a topic of significant debate among spectators. Some people expressed their responses to the colossal loss on Twitter:

Due to his lack of response, several Twitter users speculated whether the money was his. They made the following assertion, which has sparked a great deal of controversy among Twitch’s gambling community:

“Sponsors may have handed him the money to lose.”

Others were worried over how xQc seemed to have lost any feeling while losing an enormous sum of cash. These Twitter users expressed concern about the effect on his followers while claiming that the streamer has a gambling problem:

A few of xQc’s most devoted followers uploaded videos showing the player enjoying the time of his life while playing Overwatch and indicated that he has since lost it:

The CEO of Gen.G esports, Arnold Hur, stated the following:

Here are a few other noteworthy fan responses:

Notorious Gambler

The saga of xQc’s gambling addiction started earlier this year when he repeatedly confessed to having a gambling addiction and constantly looked for ways to gamble and place bets in different games, including Grand Theft Auto 5 RP.

A month later, on May 2, Felix went on the podcast Pokimane and disclosed that he had lost an outrageous sum of $1.85 million.

After hearing his assertion, the streamer’s dad made a worried and anxious phone call on air and resorted to reprimanding him.

One week later, Felix surprised everyone in the streaming world when he announced that he would soon be hosting sponsored gambling broadcasts linked to the controversial website Stake.

The Twitch audience widely disliked the news, and several viewers were against his move to agree to the gambling sponsorship.

Prominent American streamer Trainwreck, whose actual name is Tyler Niknam, expressed his worries about the Twitch community. This year, in a tirade on honesty, he took a swipe at colleague streamer Roshtein, accusing the Twitch personality of not being honest with his audience about the risks associated with gambling.

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