Twitch Streamer Xposed Outraged after an 0,000 Blackjack Loss

Twitch Streamer Xposed Outraged after an $850,000 Blackjack Loss

23 Mar

Twitch gambling streamers like Trainwreck and Roshtein are famed for earning multimillion-dollar winnings. However, like any gambler putting enormous sums of money on the line, they also endure heartbreaking losses. One streamer, Xposed, has revealed the perils of playing nosebleed stakes.

Cody Burnett, a Canadian streamer, went to Twitch to complete an online slot bonus hunt. When that session flopped, Burnett transferred his remaining balance of roughly $558,000 to the blackjack tables, stating:

“Well, this return wasn’t good enough, so I’m going to start being dumb here. You guys are foolish.”

This move set the stage for the next 40 minutes of high-stakes action when he managed to grow his balance to roughly $850,000 before eventually losing it all. Through the final 35 minutes, Xposed looked to have a full-blown tantrum in front of his followers.

Xposed’s problems began after winning a large sum of money at the blackjack stake table. The Canadian stated, “This is the biggest hand of my f***ing career right here,” after betting a total of $165,000 on the hand. The dealer busted, giving Xposed a $370,000 payout, boosting his bankroll to $848,562.

When some of his fans advised him to leave while in profit, ‘Codeman’ responded:

“I’m not getting out. I want every f***ing drop back.”

Maybe he should have listened since Xposed lost $115,000 on the subsequent hand alone when the dealer struck 2. It foreshadowed what was to come because more setbacks than victories filled his next 35 minutes.

As his account balance dwindled, Burnett’s conduct became more unpredictable. Upon losing an additional $165,000 in a single hand, the streamer tossed various items from his desk all over the room, exclaiming:

“I’m going to blow it all. We’re going to lose everything. No way, buddy.”


Burnett’s meltdown worsened after his account balance fell to roughly $103,000. Furious that his phone’s battery had died, the unhappy gamer shouted into the camera before hurling the gadget against the wall behind him. Predictably, he lost again, forcing him to call the game “such a scam.”

Things turned worse for Xposed, who finally lost his entire bankroll after putting in his last wager of $115,000. Following the dealer’s 18 beats of the streamer’s two hands, the streamer casually picked up his desk chair. He hurled it at the camera, ending his stream and his unfortunate night.

Gambling Problem

There are several concerns with Xposed’s behavior in that night’s broadcast, none more egregious than his open display of compulsive gambling behavior. The streamer lost control and lost more than $850,000 in less than 40 minutes, chasing his losses and making things worse.

Another concern often brought up about slot Twitch streamers is their lack of honesty. Last month, gaming streamer Tyler Niknam, also known as Trainwreck, singled out some of his friends for falsifying their losses on Twitch and other social media platforms. He specifically criticized Roshtein, claiming that he had just won two massive slot jackpots totalling $9.5 million and $16.5 million in a 12-hour session.

Niknam has also singled out streamers for allegedly entering into fictitious money deals with gambling companies, which means they appear to be betting with their funds. He asked on Twitter in September last year:

“How can people get viewers hooked when they aren’t willing to take the same s*** risk they want to expose other people to?” On this fateful night, amid the assertions that he meant to “become wild,” Xposed did manage to share a nugget of truth about his intentions before heading to the blackjack table. “This does happen to you guys from time to time when you bet and lose. You erupt in a rage, and your actions become more irrational and ridiculous. I hope that doesn’t happen to me tonight, but it might! If that’s the case, make some notes.”

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