Vegas Odds on Johnny Depp Being in Another Pirates Movie –

Vegas Odds on Johnny Depp Being in Another Pirates Movie –

June 24, 2022

Odds if Depp will play Captain Jack Sparrow

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A good sportsbook will offer odds on almost any popular form of entertainment. Naturally they offer point spreads and odds on sporting events like football, basketball and baseball, but offering odds on financial markets and entertainment is next level.

Johnny Depp

If you have bene living under a rock the last few months then you don’t know that movie actor Johnny Depp sued his ex wife actress Amber Heard for $50M. The suit came about after Heard published an article in the Washington Post about spousal abuse. She didn’t mention Depp by name but it was obvious who she was talking about. Depp took exception to this claim and decided to sue. The amount of money he sued for was derived from the amount he says he didn’t get paid now that demand for his services dried up after Heard’s claim.

Mainly, Depp was referring to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. According to Yahoo, Depp had already made $300M for the first 5 movies and was set to make $22.5 for the sixth. Even though Depp won the trial ($10M award) and Heard was found negligible, there is still a lot of doubt as to whether Depp will ever be hired for that role again. There have already been rumors that other actors were pegged to take over. One rumor has a female playing Jack Sparrow whereas another rumor has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking up the mantle.

The good folks over at have placed betting odds on the matter. Even if you are not the betting type, this prop bet offering can help you get an idea of what the zeitgeist is thinking as far as Depp returning to his iconic role of the past 20 years.


YES +200
NO -300

As you can see, the odds are 1/3 that Depp will in fact not be offered the role by the end of this year. Him being offered the role is current paying 2/1. These odds by no means suggest a slam dunk in either direction but do lend credence to the theory that Disney has decided to move on from employing Johnny Depp, at least for the immediate future, to play Jack Sparrow.