W88 Becomes Official Argentinian Soccer Association Partner

W88 Becomes Official Argentinian Soccer Association Partner

In Summary:

  • W88 strikes partnership with Argentine Football Association
  • The operator pivots towards the Asian markets
  • Both organizations stand to achieve important marketing goals

W88 has become an official sportsbook partner for the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and will represent the soccer league in the Asian market. The partnership will empower W88 to use various AFA assets and reach out to fans based in the region, following the example of similar partnership agreements it established with Premier League franchises in the past.

Establishing Global Presence, Fulfilling Marketing Objectives

The new partnership will allow W88 to continue expanding itself in new markets and create bridges between sports fans and professional athletic contests worldwide. It also reflects on AFA’s own interest in establishing its presence on a global level and connected with previously untapped audiences. Commenting on these developments, AFA president Claudio Tapia said:

“In all these management years we have developed a strong expansion of our AFA brand in markets that, in the past, were not commercially exploited – such as the Asian market.”

AFA president Claudio Tapia

Tapia argues that the organization can use its ties with W88 to collaborate with more important brands in the region and leverage AFA’s expertise to help such third parties spearhead their marketing efforts. W88 is now the official partner for the national team.

According to the company business development manager Hilly Ehrlich, W88 is set to benefit in equal measure as the entire collaboration is an important milestone in achieving pre-determined marketing objectives.

“We are a very ambitious brand and are excited to have joined forces with the current South American champions. Being able to link with arguably the world’s best player and squad shows the ambitions we have, and partnering with one of the favorites for the upcoming World Cup is very exciting.”

W88 business development manager Hilly Ehrlich

W88 has been particularly well-represented in soccer. The company has established partnerships with various Premier League franchises, including Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, and Leicester City to name a few.