What Percentage of Americans Approve of Sports Betting? –

What Percentage of Americans Approve of Sports Betting? –

May 27, 2022

Betting on sports is almost as old as sports itself. From the very first contest ever held there have been spectators wagering with one another on what the outcome would be. The ultimate goal is to make the event more interesting.

Sports betting has had a checkered past in the States. Even though the modern point spread was invented there, the country has looked at sports betting through a negative lens. While other countries like England and Australia have long embraced the activity, America has shunned it for the most part.

For whatever reason, America’s ice cold relationship with sports betting has thawed. And it has done so at a rapid pace. As recently as 2017 less than half of the participants in sports wagering polls agreed that sports betting should be legal. The most recent poll conducted in 2021 reflects that 4 out of 5 Americans now approve of legal sports betting.