Why You Should Claim Sports Betting Bonuses –

Sports betting bonuses are always one of the first things any punter sees when signing up to a new betting platform. It’s almost shoved in your face, impossible to miss the huge banners on every homepage. 

This isn’t a bad thing as every customer should take advantage of new customer bonuses and then the existing customer offers that await them once they create an account. There are many reasons to claim sports bonuses, however, sorting through the fluff can be challenging for new players. At OddsIndex, they have comprehensive sportsbook reviews to help players find the best bonuses. We’re going to list the benefits in this article.


Benefits To Sports Betting Bonuses

Free Money

Sports betting bonuses are essentially free money. A betting site has many ways of giving out free money to customers. For example there are deposit bonuses, which require you to make a deposit and from that, you will receive a certain amount in bonus funds. There are free bet bonuses, which can give you cash for free and there are cashback offers which are almost risk-free as you can receive a percentage of your wager back if your bet loses.


Great Place To Start

With so many different betting platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one first time round. If you are unsure on whether or not you want to be a frequent player at a betting site, then you’re best using the welcome bonus to experience the platform before using your own money. 

If you decide you don’t like the sportsbook, then you don’t need to wager anymore than the free funds provided to you. Once the free funds run out, you can move onto a different betting site.


Enhance Your Winnings

Betting with bonus funds as well as your betting stake will allow you to increase your chances of winning more. For example you could end up doubling your stake to double your winnings. The best part is only half of it will be your own funds and the rest is free money provided by the betting site.

Then when you come to withdraw the funds, you will have more than you previously had without the help of the sports bonus offer.


VIP Packages

Some betting platforms offer their players VIP packages. This will normally consist of different tiers and depending on the amount you deposit will determine which tier you fit into. The package rewards can be more than just extra bonus funds to play with, they can be real life prizes. For example, entry into raffles to win holidays, vehicles, real money and much more. 

As well as real life prizes there are also betting bonuses to be rewarded to you to give you more to play with, which is another advantage. Normally, there are other incentives too like better customer support and services which is always a nice extra touch for players.


Possible Disadvantages

It’s  worth us mentioning the other aspect of sportsbook bonuses. They aren’t all perfect and there can be downsides to them.

Every betting bonus will come with its own terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will need to be abided by in order for you to be able to withdraw the funds. The wagering requirements can sometimes be very strict. It’s normally the case that the better the bonus, the stricter the requirements. 

If you’re unable to meet the requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions then the bonus is pretty much useless to you. For some players there might not be many bonus terms they can actually abide by, leaving them with limited options.

If you’re  a player on a strict budget, then either you need to look for less rewarding offers or perhaps leave out the welcome bonuses altogether. Sports betting sites will normally have existing customer offers that are easy to claim. Some even reward customers with offers completely out of the blue, just to thank them for their loyalty.