Will a Team Go Undefeated in 2022 Betting Odds

Will a Team Go Undefeated in 2022 Betting Odds

August 28, 2022

The NFL season can be a long and arduous one for a football player. Each starting player will play in hundreds of plays getting hit hundreds of times throughout the season. Teams get battered and bruised and even the best teams have weeks where they are not at anywhere near full strength. Perhaps this is why it is so hard to achieve an undefeated season. In fact, in the Super Bowl era (56 seasons) only two teams had undefeated regular seasons (1972 Dolphins & 2007 Patriots) and only one of them went all the way.

While researching this topic we came across a video that goes into great detail about the topic of teams starting undefeated (I am sharing the video at the bottom of this article). Thirteen seasons saw a team start with an 11-0 record. One team even started 11-0-2 and failed to make the playoffs (1967 Baltimore Colts).

Next to the the 72′ Dolphins and 07′ Patriots, the best starts in Super Bowl era NFL were the 2009 Colts and the 2015 Panthers. Both teams went 14-0 before suffering their first loss. The Colts famously rested their starters for the last two regular season games and lost them both. They went on to play Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints in the big game and losing it 31-17.

Why is it So Hard to Go Undefeated in the NFL?

As you know, college football will often feature a team or two that goes undefeated the entire season. You can pretty much expect one every year. So why does this not happen in the NFL? Answer: Parity. Simply put, NFL teams are more evenly matched. They all draft from the same pool of players and when a team has a bad season they get first dibs on the best players coming out of college in the next draft. The difference between your worst and best team in the NFL are a few skill position players, a few lineman and possibly coaching experience and ability.



YES +1200

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YES +4000

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Teams Favored to Go Undefeated in 2022

Buffalo Bills +3300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3300
Green Bay Packers +4000
Los Angeles Rams +4000
Kansas City Chiefs +5000

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