Will Albert Pujols Reach 700 Home Runs This Season Betting Odds

Will Albert Pujols Reach 700 Home Runs This Season Betting Odds

August 24, 2022

Albert Puljos is without-a-doubt one the best baseball players ever to play the game. The guy has been a home run machine throughout his career. For the first 15 years of his career he was averaging around 40 long balls per season. Now that number has shrunk as he has gotten older. But he can still swat dingers from time to time. He even participated in the 2022 HR Derby where he made it to the second round.

Now Albert is in a race to reach 700 home runs before the season ends. Why? Because he announced before this season that he would retire at the end of it. There are only three players in history to hit 700+ home runs. Here are the current top 5:

Name Home Runs Rank
Barry Bonds 762 1
Hank Aaron 755 2
Babe Ruth 714 3
Alex Rodriguez 696 4
Albert Pujols 693 5

With 29 games left on the schedule, Pujols would have to hit 1 HR every four games to reach the 700 mark. Pujols has played in 74 games this year. He has 14 HR’s. He is averaging a HR every 5.29 games played. This would put him just shy of the 700 mark. But it is totally possible, especially if Cardinals management gives him max playing time in an effort to hit this benchmark.

BetUS sportsbook currently has odds on whether he will meet this mark.

Will Albert Pujols Hit 700 Home Runs This Season?

YES +200

NO -300