William Hill Nevada Operations Back Up • This Week in Gambling

William Hill Nevada Operations Back Up • This Week in Gambling

The amazingly bad timing of the William Hill Nevada app and kiosks crashing on Super Bowl Sunday was a blow to the company. Not just from a PR perspective, but in a massive loss of betting volume. And now that the app and betting stations are back up and running, it’s going to cost them even more.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is investigating the cause of the outage. It is certainly within their purview to issue a fine… if they felt it was appropriate. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. But the company is going to voluntarily shell out bonuses to players in an effort to make amends.

Yes, William Hill Nevada will be giving away $50 in what they call “bonus sports bets” to players for all the recent trouble. In fact, they’re giving away two of the $50 freebies. And the first has already been added to customer accounts. Of course, there are some conditions.

Players must use their first $50 in bonus bets before the end of the month in order to receive the second payout. Sounds reasonable, as fifty bucks is not a lot of scratch when it comes to sports betting. When the second $50 is added to the accounts, it must be used no later than March 15th.

In a statement to the media, William Hill Nevada apologized for the inconvenience caused when their app went down, calling it an “unforeseen technical issue.” But full disclosure here: The app crashed once before in Nevada, just before kickoff of the 2021 NFL opening game. That time they game customers two $25 bonus bets. So if this happens again, do we go to a couple of bonuses for $75? Hopefully, we won’t have to find out.

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