Win Up To €1,500 Every Week in the bet365 Premium League

Win Up To €1,500 Every Week in the bet365 Premium League

bet365 Poker has a cool promotion that combines playing online poker with making bold Premier League match predictions. The Premium League runs right through to the conclusion of the English Premier League season, meaning you have plenty of chances to win up to €1,500.

The concept behind Premium League is simple. You start by opting in to the promotion via the missions section of your bet365 Poker account. You are then invited to log your predictions for the coming week’s Premier League games. There is no need to predict the exact score, a simple win, draw, or loss is suffice. Once your predictions are logged, you complete a mission to validate your choices in addition to receiving a ticket for a €500 freeroll.

Should at least half of your predictions come true, bet365 Poker awards you with a spin on the Premium League Prize Wheel, which has a top prize of €1,000. There is also a €500 top prize awaiting the person who guessed the most match outcomes; the €500 prize is shared among all players in the event of a tie.

The freeroll runs every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. GMT and awards the top 100 finishers with a €5 Twister ticket.

Everything You Need to Know About the bet365 Loyalty Club

Premium League Prize Wheel Payouts

Each spin of the Premium League Prize Wheel guarantees a prize, ranging from €0.50 in free blinds, to Twister tickets, free spins, and cash prizes of €100 and €1,000.

Prize Probability
€1,000 cash 0.030%
€100 cash 0.248%
€10 Twister ticket 2.977%
€5 twister ticket 12.403%
20 free spins 12.403%
10 free spins 22.326%
5 free spins 24.807%
€1 Twister ticket 9.923%
10x €0.10 free blinds 9.923%
5x €0.10 free blinds 4.961%

Start Your bet365 Poker Career With a €365 Welcome Bonus

The Premium League is only available to bet365 Poker players, so you need to download bet365 poker via PokerNews. Do this, create your free account including choosing your poker nickname to start the release of the €365 redeemable bonus.

The first €5 of the bonus is credited when you log into your new bet365 account. The remaining €360 is credited once you generate €0.10 in cash game rake or tournament fees.

You need to play real money poker to release the bonus into your playable account balance. Release rates are as follows:

Bonus How to Redeem Status Points per Instalment Total Status Points*
First €5 €2.50 instalments 25 50
Next €60 €2.50 instalments 100 2,400
Next €300 €2.50 instalments 250 30,000

Win Up To €80,000 in Minutes in bet365’s Twisters

Status Points are earned at a rake of 10 per €1 or £1 paid in cash game rake or tournament fees. Be aware that the bonus expires 60-days after issuing.

New players who play at least one Twister tournament receive a free spin on the Welcome Prize Wheel where every spin guarantees a prize.

Prize Probability
€5 Twister ticket 2.198%
50x €0.10 Free Blinds 2.198%
20 Free Spins 2.198%
10 Free Spins 5.495%
€2 Twister ticket 5.495%
20x €0.10 Free Spins 5.495%
5 Free Spins 10.989%
10x €0.10 Free Blinds 10.989%
€1 Twister ticket 10.989%
10 bet365 Coins 43.956%