Women in Racing Receives Further Support from Kindred Group

Kindred Group announced on Monday that it extended its funding toward the “Racing Home” project. The project that is supported by Kindred in collaboration with Women in Racing aims to raise awareness of the challenges working mothers face within the horse racing industry.

Kindred Extends Its Support for Women in Racing

By expanding the funding, the company will help Women in Racing to implement key measures which will help women involved on all levels of horse racing. Moreover, the organization will be able to better support its members that are “planning and raising a family, and thereby contributing to a sustainable development of the industry,” explained Kindred.

The collaboration between Women in Racing and Kindred dates back to last year. Aiming at raising awareness for the hardships of working mothers in the industry, the duo joined forces in July 2020. With Kindred funding the “Racing Home” program, a report was issued dubbed “Racing Home, Working Mothers in the Horseracing Industry.”

The report indicated multiple recommendations that aim to improve the journey of pregnant women that return to the horse racing industry. Moreover, the report proposed educational and practical changes, which thanks to the new funding from Kindred, can be implemented. One such recommendation includes the creation of a digital transparent “Racing Home” website that helps women but also teaches young adults equal opportunities.

The Leading Operator Is Delighted to Help Once Again

Women in Racing’s chair, Tallulah Lewis, said that the organization is happy with Kindred’s continuous support of the Racing Home project. Acknowledging that the operator has helped Women in Racing since the start of the project, she added that the organization is happy to reach this next phase.

“Women in Racing is incredibly grateful for the continued support Kindred Group provides for the Racing Home project.”

Tallulah Lewis, chair at Women in Racing

In conclusion, Lewis said that Women in Racing is looking “forward to implementing the findings from the research and continuing to work with Kindred Group to make horseracing a more sustainable environment for working mothers and parents.”

Ed Nicholson, head of Kindred Racing Communications and Sponsorship added that the company is delighted to support the important work of Women in Racing. He explained that Kindred believes that a diverse workforce helps improve performance.

“We are delighted to be able to support the important work Women in Racing are doing to benefit women in the horseracing industry.”

Ed Nicholson, head of racing communications and sponsorship at Kindred

Nicholson outlined that Women in Racing are “instrumental to raising the awareness of diversity in the racing industry.” In conclusion, he said that the company is happy to extend its support and deliver meaningful actions that will help the wellbeing of the industry.